Buying A Home

I truly enjoy working with buyers! My services won’t cost you a thing and I am great at explaining every step we will take in detail, especially with first time buyers.

You’re going to need a lender you can trust! There are a lot of options out there so find someone to go over all your financing options and explain them well. Once you understand what type of loan you will use and what your price range is then it is time to go shopping. I highly recommend Thomas Rosciano, he is a mortgage specialist and his phone number is 919-332-3201.
Understanding due diligence is also very important. Due Diligence is the amount of time that the seller will allow us to make sure you want to move forward with purchasing their home. During this time we will work on getting your loan approved and your lender will order an appraisal. We will also perform any home inspections or other necessary inspections that you wish to do, in addition we ask the seller for any repairs. This typically takes 3 weeks.
I have several informational videos that will help buyers understand the process of Due Diligence and what to expect when purchasing a home.